3 Steelers who should be embarrassed to show up to the film room in Week 16

Most players and coaches were to blame for the loss to the Colts, but these three Steelers should be the most embarrassed by their performances.

Steelers, Mitch Trubisky
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3. Mykal Walker doesn't belong on the Steelers roster

I don't want to come down too hard on Mykal Walker here. I know the former Falcons linebacker was put in a tough spot being asked to step into a big role on Pittsburgh's defense right away. However, the results have been as bad as you could imagine over the past several weeks.

After getting routinely exposed over the middle of the field in Week 13 by QB Kyler Murray, Walker looked just as bad in coverage against Bailey Zappe and the Patriots. This week against the Colts, Walker was once again a liability in pass coverage. He let receivers cross his face and allowed chunk plays after the catch.

Despite how much he saw the field and how often he was picked on in coverage, Walker somehow only managed to be involved in two tackles in this contest.

There are far better means of judging linebackers than by calculating how many tackles they make, but it's almost crazy that he couldn't make more plays with as many opportunities as he had to stop both the run and the pass. We now have a four-game sample of Mykal Walker in Pittsburgh, and his cringeworthy performance should have fans wishing we had Devin Bush back at this point. Walker probably doesn't belong on the Steelers roster.

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