3 things we learned from Steelers putrid loss against the Indianapolis Colts

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers / Grace Hollars/IndyStar / USA TODAY
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Well, I don’t know how else to describe the performance the Steelers displayed against the Indianapolis Colts, but I would describe it as ‘putrid’.  If you look up the word ‘putrid’ in the dictionary, it means, ‘unpleasant' or 'rotting’.  That is exactly what is happening before our eyes.

We are unpleasant to watch, to say the least. I guess a thirteen-point lead means nothing these days because that is the lead we gave away and those thirteen points would be the only points we scored in this contest.  Not good, not good at all and that’s being generous. 

Let’s see what we learned on the offensive side of the ball.

The Steelers offense can not get out of their own way

Let’s just call it what it is, the Steelers offense is dysfunctional.  To put it simply, we are not an NFL-caliber offense.  We turned the ball over three times.  We generated a total of two hundred and sixteen yards. We were outgained in every major statistical category and, as I stated above, we got out to a thirteen-point lead then proceeded to not score at all in the second half. 

Let’s also call it what it is, the offense is feckless with Mitch Trubisky at the helm.  No disrespect intended toward Trubisky as I am sure he is a great teammate, but he is not playing as well as one would hope given the fact that he is a veteran QB with several starts under his belt.

The reality is the entire offense is not playing well and that speaks to myriad factors, not the least of which is execution.  You can’t fumble the ball and you certainly can’t throw two INTs.  The offensive performance, in my opinion, was tantamount to a Greek tragedy

What I mean by that is the story of the 2023 Steelers offense is one of a dramatic telling of the downfall of the main characters that are brought on by their flaws and failings.  I think that is an accurate summation of what we witnessed against the Colts.

Let’s see what we learned on the defensive side of the ball.