3 things we learned from Steelers atrocious loss to the Arizona Cardinals

  • The Steelers offense was atrocious
  • The Steelers defense was atrocious
  • The Steelers coaching was atrocious
  • Yes, everything was atrocious

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The Steelers coaching was atrocious

Again (and again), in keeping with the theme of the day, the coaching job that Tomlin and his staff displayed against the Cardinals was atrocious. There's no other way to describe it. It was atrocious, awful, abysmal, or whatever other word you want to use to describe it.

While I appreciate the fact that Tomlin took responsibility for the poor performance during the post-game press conference, that does not excuse the fact that poor performances against inferior teams have been commonplace since Tomlin has been our head coach.

As I have said several times, I am a Tomlin supporter, but I am not a Tomlin apologist. Good teams beat not-so-good teams at home regardless of injuries or any other mitigating factors. Good teams find a way to beat not-so-good teams at home when they are vying for a playoff spot. Good teams don't commit nine penalties for seventy-seven yards.

That did not happen against the Cardinals. What did happen against the Cardinals was this: We were outplayed and outcoached. That's atrocious. That can not continue to happen. We have a short week and a quick turnaround. The New England Patriots should be on the losing end of another home game against an inferior team. We shall see what happens soon enough.