4 AFC North draft moves that would spell disaster for the Steelers draft class

Anthony Richardson, Steelers
Anthony Richardson, Steelers / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages
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There are plenty of ways for the NFL draft to go wrong for certain teams. The Steelers could very well have a bunch of issues exiting the draft, especially if one of these listed scenarios below becomes reality. The AFC North is still one of the tougher divisions in football despite the black and gold and Baltimore Ravens taking a step back in recent years.

Leading the group has been the Cincinnati Bengals for the past couple of seasons, and it seems to be their division to lose as long as Joe Burrow is their quarterback. The Cleveland Browns seemed to invest in the wrong quarterback and should be back in the basement of this division for a while. All four of these clubs will do their best to leave the draft a better team, but some of these cases could leave the Steelers as the odd man out.

Steelers could lose one of their top draft targets to AFC North rival

Some of the same targets for Pittsburgh in the draft are shared with their division rivals in the AFC North. Plenty of opportunities could arise where a major need is taken by one of the other three remaining teams. Not taking a certain player in an earlier round could come back to haunt the Steelers for years to come, especially if they made the wrong decision.

Tackle seems like the top choice in round one if one of the top prospects is still available at 17. There are other teams in this division that also need a tackle, cornerback, and defensive tackle to add to their roster. It could prime the black and gold with a conundrum as they try to weigh the risks and rewards of adding certain prospects at different points of the process.