4 AFC North draft moves that would spell disaster for the Steelers draft class

Anthony Richardson, Steelers
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Browns trade up to get Keeanu Benton in the second round

Another name with massive connections to Pittsburgh throughout the pre-draft process has been Keeanu Benton out of Wisconsin. It makes a lot of sense for him being a top target for the Steelers on day two of the draft. A second-round selection will likely have to be used on Benton for the black and gold to have a chance at choosing him.

One should not consider the Cleveland Browns as a threat in most instances of the game of football. They continued to show why they are the joke of the league last season and will likely continue that trend as they are handcuffed to their quarterback's contract. They might not be a complete threat on the field, but they could cause a headache on the second day of the draft.

The Browns do not have a first or second round choice in the upcoming draft, but they do have two third round selections. They have expressed interest in Benton leading up to the draft, but they would likely need to trade up to get him. Armed with double third rounders, this could be a very real possibility as they could jump in front of the Steelers to take him. That could be a situation that bites the black and gold for years to come.