4 AFC North draft moves that would spell disaster for the Steelers draft class

Anthony Richardson, Steelers
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Ravens could mix up their quarterback room with a massive trade

What is going to be the conclusion to the Lamar Jackson fiasco happening in Baltimore? That is a huge question as it could determine if the rest of the division should fear the Ravens this upcoming season or not. Jackson asked for a trade earlier this offseason and that could pick up steam during the draft if the Ravens decide to move on.

They have him bound to their team for this season and would like to sign him to a more team-friendly contract. Baltimore has been doing their homework on some of the top quarterbacks coming out of this draft class. It would be massive news if the birds from Baltimore took a quarterback by either trading up or selecting one at pick 22.

That kind of move would be explosive, but trading away Jackson early on night one of the draft might be even crazier. The Indianapolis Colts would make sense at pick four and that could give the Ravens a shot at names like C.J. Stroud, Will Levis, and Anthony Richardson. Right now, it seems like the Ravens want to keep Jackson around for a long time, but this would be ground shaking news on the first night of the draft.

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