4 biggest fallers from Pittsburgh Steelers offseason program

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Mark Robinson (93)
Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Mark Robinson (93) / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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It is still an extremely early time for NFL franchises as they head into July. Rosters are far from set despite some early practices, and nothing is certain with training camp just around the corner. The Steelers have seen their fair share of players rise over the past few weeks, but nothing will be certain until the final round of cuts are made.

That said, there have already been some clear fallers on this roster. This could be for a myriad of reasons, from new players added to replace them, to disappointing practices or comments, and often a combination of all three. While there is plenty of time for a rebound, these four Steelers have been the biggest fallers so far through the offseason.

Steelers Zach Gentry is in a hard spot

Those of you that know me know that I irrationally love Zach Gentry. The former fifth-round pick looked like he was on his way off the team a few seasons ago, but some major steps forward as a blocker under the tutelage of Alfredo Roberts has allowed him to carve out a role for this team.

That didn’t make him a priority this offseason, as Gentry resigned on a cheap deal that does anything but lock him into a roster spot for the offense. Add in Darnell Washington, who will likely take on the role of blocking tight end sooner than later, and Gentry may be in a tough spot.

It likely depends on how the team treats the fullback position. If they want a traditional option like Monte Pottebaum, I doubt the team carries an additional four tight ends on top of that. If Connor Heyward adds fullback work to his resume while retaining his role from last season, four tight ends make the most sense.

Gentry would make sense for an offense that wants to go heavier and bully defenses. That said, he was essentially upgraded in the offseason and may not have a set spot anymore. I’m rooting for him, likely more than most, but Gentry definitely lost some steam during this offseason.