4 bold predictions for Steelers 2024 offseason

It's time for real change; Here are four bold predictions for the Steelers this offseason.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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2. Steelers think outside the box with new offensive coordinator hire

I'm sure that even Mike Tomlin himself has heard plenty of criticism about his in-house hirings over the years. None of them have really panned out -- particularly at offensive coordinator.

After butting heads with Todd Haley, the Steelers parted ways with their offensive coordinator in 2017 despite coming off a 13-3 season and a first-round bye. The following offseason, Pittsburgh promoted from within -- making QB coach Randy Fichtner their new OC. When that didn't work out, they followed the same method with Matt Canada.

While the combination of interim OC Eddie Faulkner and play-caller Mike Sullivan was respectable enough down the stretch after Canada was fired, I am making a bold prediction that the Steelers will actually think outside the box this year and go with an innovative hire at offensive coordinator.

Several quality candidates could be just what the doctor ordered, including Klint Kubiak (49ers passing-game coordinator), Brian Giese(49ers QB coach), Jerrod Johnson (Texans QB coach), and Zac Robinson (Rams QB coach). Hiring a young, fresh, innovative mind would be a welcome change for the Pittsburgh Steelers.