4 bold predictions for Steelers 2024 offseason

It's time for real change; Here are four bold predictions for the Steelers this offseason.

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4. Steelers move up for a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft

It's hard to believe, but the Pittsburgh Steelers have traded into the top 10 to select a quarterback in the NFL Draft. Remarkably, they were willing to package a first, second, and third-round pick to move up from pick 20 to pick 10 in order to select linebacker Devin Bush in 2019.

Ironically, the Steelers hold the 20th overall selection this year, and some have already talked about the possibility of moving up for a signal-caller in an excellent quarterback class. After all, if they were willing to do so for an off-ball linebacker, they should be willing to do so for the most important position in football, right?

After selecting Kenny Pickett in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft, some assume the Steelers won't turn around so quickly to draft a QB high in 2024. But we have to remember that it was Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin who made the choice to draft Pickett. With Omar Khan and Andy Weidl now running the front office, they might want to bring in their own guy.

I think it's most likely that the Pittsburgh Steelers look elsewhere with their top draft capital early in the 2024 NFL Draft, but I wouldn't be shocked if they were in the market for a young quarterback after benching Pickett late in the 2023 season. It's clear they need an upgrade at the position, and the draft could be the avenue they explore.

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