4 bold predictions for the Steelers vs. Browns in Week 2

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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3. Pickett continues to struggle for the Steelers

As you will see in my final prediction, I imagine this game working a certain way. That said, I do think that Kenny Pickett continues to struggle as the starter. His week one was miserable, as the issues he had as a rookie continued to rear their head. Despite a strong offseason, Pickett looked like the lackluster player that plagued this team in the first half of last season.

While this game isn’t a blowout like week one was, I think that will not be because of Pickett. The accuracy continues to be an issue, as Pickett can’t seem to get the ball to his receivers well. He also struggles to go through his reads, as he has proven to do in the past.

While his struggles lead to a pair of ugly turnovers in the first half, he progresses a little in the second half. No, he doesn’t suddenly start playing well, but the scheme and focus of the team changes. The focus is less on the passing game, which limits the amount of damage that Pickett can do.

I just don’t see a rebound happening this week for Pickett. The Browns defense looked good in week one and he has yet to show me the traits that are needed for him to be a dynamic quarterback. I’m not hopeful that he rebounds, and despite a closer game, Pickett continues to be a problem for Pittsburgh.