4 burning questions Steelers desperately need to answer in Week 11 vs. Browns

  • Can the Steelers dominate at the line of scrimmage?
  • Will the Steelers stick to the ground game?
  • Is the Steelers' pass rush going to take advantage against weak o-line?
  • Can the Steelers have a commanding win over the Browns?
Pittsburgh Steelers
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Can the Steelers keep their house of cards up?

The Steelers have to be one of the ugliest-looking good teams in the NFL. Their offense has been horrible for most of the year. Even with the recent boost to the running game, the passing unit is still a mess and a liability. The defense has allowed a lot of yards but has capitalized on a lot of turnovers.

They are the only team to ever have a record like this despite being outgained every week this season. While winning ugly is still winning, one has to think that this will eventually catch up to the team. It would be shocking to see them cruise into the playoffs despite never statistically outgaining another team.

Will the cards fall this week? On paper, they shouldn’t. The Browns are scrambling following the Watson injury news, but I don’t feel confident. This is a winnable game, and while this unit has gotten a little better in recent weeks, they still aren’t good. Ideally, the charade keeps rolling through this week, but eventually, something has to give.

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The Steelers once again have a winnable opponent in the Browns, who are without their starting quarterback for the remainder of the year. This team needs to continue to win to keep their playoff hopes alive. If not, they could quickly get lost in the shuffle.