4 burning questions Steelers desperately need to answer in Week 13 vs. Cardinals

  • Can the Steelers defense stop the speed?
  • Can they keep the offensive pace?
  • Will they be able to stop the Cardinals run game?
  • Will the Black & Yellow momentum continue?

Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers / Michael Chow/The Republic, Arizona
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Can the Steelers keep the offensive pace?

It seemed like an impossible feat, but the Steelers' offense found a way to move the ball last week on offense consistently. This allowed them to gain over 400 total yards of offense, a feat that hasn’t happened in ages. While this didn’t instantly translate to a lot of points, it did help the Steelers win their game.

That trend needs to continue this week, and specifically, the focus on the running game has to be kept. Last week it was Najee Harris, and the week before it was Jaylen Warren, but mixing in both backs effectively has to be the offensive focus for this team.

The Cardinals boast one of the worst rushing defenses in the league. You look over their front seven and it makes a lot of sense. No one stands out as a great run defender on the line, and the off-ball linebackers have been poor this year. Other teams have regularly beaten the Cardinals with their own ground game.

The Steelers' offense looks like a better unit overall, but a lot of their success last week was predicated on the ground game working well. If they want to keep their team churning in the right direction, the ground game has to remain as the focus this week. Both Harris and Warren will need solid outings to get another win under Pittsburgh’s belt.