4 burning questions Steelers desperately need to answer in Week 13 vs. Cardinals

  • Can the Steelers defense stop the speed?
  • Can they keep the offensive pace?
  • Will they be able to stop the Cardinals run game?
  • Will the Black & Yellow momentum continue?

Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers / Michael Chow/The Republic, Arizona
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Can the Steelers stop the Cardinals run game?

The Steelers' run defense, at one point, was one of the worst units in the entire league. Since the return of Cameron Heyward though, the group has gotten better. While not elite, this unit has limited running backs in recent weeks and forced teams to throw against this defense. While that also hasn’t been a strong defensive unit, it has allowed the pass rush to make more plays.

The Cardinals' offense is really only moving through the ground. Headlined by former Steelers running back James Conner, this unit has been efficient and has been able to churn out yards when games are close. Add in the threat of Murray taking off and even the receivers getting some carries and you have a unique backfield to try and deal with.

If the game remains close, which is likely given the Steelers' struggles to score this season, then the run defense needs to be ready to slow this unit down. If Conner and the Cardinals are allowed to take control of this game, what should be an easy win on paper could become a very tight game.

This run defense, like the offense, is on the right track. They have a big matchup this week though, and they need to once again prove that they are a unit on the up. If the Cardinals can hang around and play to their strengths, this game could become more of a struggle.