4 burning questions Steelers desperately need to answer in Week 13 vs. Cardinals

  • Can the Steelers defense stop the speed?
  • Can they keep the offensive pace?
  • Will they be able to stop the Cardinals run game?
  • Will the Black & Yellow momentum continue?

Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers / Michael Chow/The Republic, Arizona
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Can the Steelers keep their momentum up?

What has become a frustrating trend this season, the Steelers seem to start to find their footing only to be derailed by a team and sent back into doom and gloom. The preseason provided a lot of hope before the 49ers trounced this team. Things were slowly getting back on track before the Texans whipped the team. Pittsburgh was coming along before they dropped a game to the depleted Browns.

Just when things seem to get a little better, this team slips back into mediocrity. That can’t be the case this week. Pittsburgh has some momentum right now, and the last thing they need is to drop a game to a very beatable opponent. This offense finally looks ok and the defense is coming alive, but a loss this week would derail that progress.

It is hard to win in the NFL, but the Steelers have a favorable matchup with the Cardinals this week. They need to capitalize on that and make the most of this game. A loss here would once again kill any momentum this team has built. They need to be on point and win this week and keep the team moving forward.

The Steelers once again have a beatable opponent in the Cardinals. They are starting to look the part of a decent team, but they still have a lot of questions they need to answer. In particular, these four questions can easily determine the outcome of this game.