4 burning questions Steelers desperately need to answer in Week 14 vs. Patriots

  • Can the Steelers stop Zeke?
  • Can Mitch Trubisky manage the offense?
  • Can they avoid another homecoming?
  • Can the Steelers actually score points?

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Can the Steelers actually score points?

There was, admittedly, too much optimism for the Steelers offense after the firing of Matt Canada. Some fans believed that this unit would suddenly become a top-tier unit with the new coordinators at the helm. While the offense showed some spark in week one, and even some positives in week two post-Canada, they are still unable to score.

In the two games since they have moved on, the Steelers have amassed 26 total points. They aren’t facing elite defenses either. The Bengals are more middle of the pack while the Cardinals were ranked among the worst in the league. You aren’t going to be an elite team scoring 13 points a game.

While no one should anticipate this game being high-scoring, Pittsburgh needs to at least get their offense back on track and in the end zone. You have an efficient running game and a freaky target in George Pickens. There is no excuse as to why this offense can’t find the end zone. They need to prove that they can score as well as move the ball.

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Losing to the Cardinals is inexcusable, but it was at least an out-of-conference game. The Steelers need to get their act together this week though and beat the Patriots. In order to get the win, they will have to answer these four critical questions.