4 coaches the Steelers should fire on Black Monday

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The NFL celebrates the first Monday after the season by lowly teams firing off their head coaches. Dubbed “Black Monday”, this is a time when teams that didn’t do as well as they thought they would fire their head coaches in hopes of rebuilding. The Pittsburgh Steelers are famously inactive on this day given their long track record of keeping their head coaches.

This year, there is certainly a case to be made that the Steelers should be active on this day. While this day is usually reserved for head coach firings, the team has quite a few lackluster coaches that need to be cut. Here are four Steelers coaches that should be fired on Black Monday.

Steelers should fire Pat Meyer

The Steelers offensive line has been a mess since their top-level talent retired and moved on. The team has recently invested heavily in the line over the past two seasons, signing two top free-agent guards and investing a first-round pick in Broderick Jones. While the talent isn’t completely there, this line should at least be among the better units in the league.

While it looked like the Steelers had turned the corner about halfway through last season, the blocking unit once again faltered this year. It seemed like the unit needed to figure itself out again even though most of these players had worked together last season.

With all this said, Pat Meyer needs to be let go this offseason. This line needs to be a more consistent unit, and Meyer hasn’t provided that. There is a strong core of talent to work with, and this team needs to invest in a coach that will get the most out of the talent on this roster.