4 concerning takeaways from the Steelers disheartening loss vs. Jaguars

Even with the refs against them, this was not a defeat that inspired any sort of confidence in the Steelers.
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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2. Time of possession was hardly a battle

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers! They managed to find another offensive category in which they could be dead last in the league. Entering Week 8, Mike Tomlin's team was 31st in time of possession. They held the ball for just 27:06 per game -- only five seconds more per contest than the Denver Broncos.

Now this race for last place won't even be close. The Broncos found a way to control the clock and come away with the biggest upset of the week against the Kansas City Chiefs. Meanwhile, the Steelers had a vomit-inducing 25:44 time of possession in Week 8 against Jacksonville (the Jags held the ball for the other 34:16 in this contest).

Pittsburgh's inability to keep its offense on the field and sustain drives is among the worst we have seen from any NFL team in two years, according to Team Rankings, and at this rate, their time of possession per game is somehow going down.

The offense's incompetence routinely puts the defense in really tough situations and forces players like T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith to play far more snaps than they should be playing per game. This time of possession number isn't often talked about, but the Steelers need to improve immensely in this category if they want to find any success at all.