4 daring predictions for Steelers vs. Rams in Week 7 showdown

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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4. Kenny Pickett has a career game for the Steelers

Things haven’t gone in Kenny Pickett’s favor so far this season. While the preseason gave me hope that he could be more than just an average option, he has looked like a mess this season. He lacks composure, the ability to consistently read, and has had poor accuracy in the short to middle throws. These were all things that he was supposed to be ready for as a “pro-ready” prospect.

For some reason, I feel that a big game is coming for Pickett. On paper, that shouldn’t be the case. The Rams boast a monster in Donald on their front and a secondary that can clean up with him applying pressure. Pickett hasn’t thrived in these types of games, but coming off the bye with a familiar face in Johnson back, I think he goes off.

He records over 275 passing yards and throws for three scores. He also doesn’t throw an interception, and while he still has the occasional errant pass, he looks far more comfortable in the pocket. Despite the seemingly tough game in front of him, Pickett finally showcases some of the ability that this team wants out of him as a first-round pick.

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This should be a tough game on paper, as the Rams have put together a surprisingly good team while the Steelers still have a lot of questions to answer off their bye week. Keep these four bold predictions as Pittsburgh tries to keep up in the AFC North during week seven.