4 dream scenarios for Pittsburgh Steelers entering 2023 NFL Draft

Steelers, Paris Johnson Jr.
Steelers, Paris Johnson Jr. / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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1. Steelers go BPA in the first three rounds of the NFL Draft

I can't overstate this enough: teams should be drafting the best players at the most important positions. This isn't the line of thinking that many fans have, as a large group is begging the team to simply draft from a position of need. However, this is exactly what has hurt them in the past by taking players like Artie Burns, Terrell Edmunds, and Devin Bush too early.

While the talent may not line up exactly with the need, I doubt fans would be disappointed with the 'best player available' approach in the long run. The thing that's great is that the BPA is likely to be an offensive tackle or cornerback in the first round.

In round two, I'm in favor of selecting from where the talent is. Stealing a talented pass rusher or taking a very good cornerback prospect who slid out of the first round could be the way to go.

By the end of the draft, taking BPA could set the Pittsburgh Steelers up with as many as four players who could prove to be cornerstone pieces to the team. The NFL Draft should be about reducing risks and finding great players at important positions. This may not be the popular choice, but going BPA in the first three rounds is my top dream scenario for the Steelers in 2023.

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