4 free agents the Pittsburgh Steelers will regret not signing in 2024

The Steelers have been active in Free Agency but they will regret not pursuing these players.

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The Steelers could regret letting Mitch Morse sign elsewhere

One of the biggest errors by the Steelers at the beginning of the free agency portion of the offseason has been at center. They let Cole go weeks ago, and they have a perfect opportunity to replace him. The draft seems like a great option this year with names like Jackson Powers-Johnson, Zach Frazier, and Sedrick Van Pran-Granger available.

The main issue with that is it seems like Pittsburgh might opt to select a different position in the top round of the draft. Most of the top centers in free agency are gone, and the issue remains of who their starting center will be at the start of the regular season. The draft is a great option, but they have so many needs to fill that center might be placed on the back burner.

That could cause them to miss out on the top three centers in the upcoming class. That is why it was foolish to let Mitch Morse leave town after he spent the day visiting the team. He spent the day with the Steelers, and it seems like a contract was discussed. Nothing ever materialized during that visit. He flew down to Jacksonville the next day and signed with the Jaguars.

It wasn't a crazy deal as Jacksonville gave him a two-year contract that pays him a little over five million per season. That is a steal with the quality of player that Morse brings to your team. It seems like Pittsburgh didn't want to pony up the guaranteed money. If the black and gold let this affect their draft because they couldn't sign Morse, then this could make center a sore spot again.