4 free agents Steelers fans are dying to sign (but would be left disappointed)

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Free agency probably won't be as active as prior years for Pittsburgh. They have limited cap space currently, but they could find ways to add more between now and the start of the offseason. With the Steelers reaching the playoffs with limited resources, they might try to go all-in right now. It will be interesting to see how the black and gold handle this offseason.

Trades could be another route and fans already seem intrigued by a few potential options out there, one name being Justin Fields. The Steelers need to be smart with their cap space and try and solve their current quarterback dilemma. The most important position in football is in question for this group and there are plenty of other things on the to-do list.

Trenton Brown could be a great upgrade over Dan Moore Jr. In free agency

Trenton Brown has come under scrutiny with his work ethic in past seasons. That is one of the reasons why he fails to find major cash flow when free agency becomes an option for him. He couldn't cash in last time, but he hopes to as the 30-year-old likely only sees one good contract for the rest of his career.

No matter what concerns there are with his work off the field, his work on the field has always been solid as a starter for the New England Patriots. Finding an upgrade over Dan Moore Jr. should be on top of their to-do list this offseason. Brown has expwrience starting on both sides.

The Steelers need a solid right tackle so they can slide Broderick Jones back to left tackle. You can't trade up for a tackle only to have him play on the right side, which is his off side. Adding Brown would provide a solid veteran, but his questionable work ethic and potential price will not make him a likely option for Pittsburgh.