4 free agents Steelers fans are dying to sign (but would be left disappointed)

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Kenny Moore II would be a tremendous but expensive upgrade at slot cornerback

It was a tough end to the Indianapolis Colts season after the lost their last game and were knocked out of a potential playoff birth. They had a couple bright spots on their team and it seems like that club will have a bright future despite the dissapointing conclusion to their campaign this year. One of the bright spots was Kenny Moore II.

Steelers fans might not be too familiar with him, but he has been one of the best slot cornerbacks in the NFL over the past couple of years. That should be music to the ears of Pittsburgh as they have been dying for a quality option in the slot since Mike Hilton left the team years ago. Moore would be a tremendous add, but his price tag might be too much for the Steelers to afford.

Another thing that fans need to think about is amount of money that should be invested into this defense. It's already one of the highest paid groups, so it might be wise to try and save some money to invest on offense. Moore would still be a good pickup and something that the team needs.

Slot cornerback is another need the Steelers need to find an upgrade at. Chandon Sullivan has not been good and neither Patrick Peterson nor Elijah Riley have been great in that spot. Getting someone like Moore would be a nice upgrade, but his cost will likely be too much for this club to handle right now.