4 free agents Steelers fans are dying to sign (but would be left disappointed)

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Kirk Cousins will not be signing with the Steelers in free agency

Kirk Cousins will lead the pack as the top quarterback available in free agency, unless the Vikings decide to re-sign him before then. He has been a quality starter overall throughout his NFL career and he should be able to fetch a lucrative short-term contract of around two to three years this offseason.

The Steelers claim they are going to be loyal to Kenny Pickett heading into next season, but that has to be taken with a grain of salt. If the club truly believed that he is their future quarterback then they would've started him over Mason Rudolph as soon as he was healthy. That did not happen and it will light the spark of signing a free agent quarterback.

Bringing a guy into the building when free agency kicks off will only cost more money rather then drafting a guy. Cousins is a good starter and might be able to push the Steelers back into the playoffs next season. He could even be a nice learning tool for Pickett for a couple of years if he did sign a two year contract in Pittsburgh.

Main issue with Cousins are the years, his potential decline with age, and the money that he will command on the open market. Most imagine he will go back to Minnesota, but money talks. The Steelers likely don't have that money to compete with some of the other quarterback starved teams this time around. Would be a good pickup but not likely to happen.