4 Free Agents the Steelers must target after Cam Sutton's suspension

Cam Sutton is suspended for eight games, so the Steelers will have to consider adding a free agent at slot cornerback.
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News just broke that Pittsburgh Steelers CB Cam Sutton will serve an eight-game suspension this season for his misdemeanor battery arrest.

With Sutton out the first eight weeks, the Steelers will have to hope one of their unknown names on the roster can come out of the woodwork. Names like Beanie Bishop, Josiah Scott, Grayland Arnold, and others could be in for competition.

There are plenty of free agents out there who could be better options to provide experience in the slot while Sutton is away.

4 Free Agents the Steelers must target after Cam Sutton's suspension

Patrick Peterson

Now makes a ton of sense for the Steelers to bring back Patrick Peterson if they choose to.

He remains a free agent after many thought he should get picked up early. He and his fellow older defensive backs have struggled to find opportunities this offseason. Peterson shouldn't cost the Steelers an arms and a leg to complete a reunion. The veteran player has shown that he can play most of the positions in the secondary, which would be a valuable asset.

After Sutton returns after eight weeks, Peterson could be brought into a rotational role like last season.

Micah Hyde

Could the Steelers lure Micah Hyde away from the Bills?

Hyde is an older free agent who has enjoyed a great NFL career, with his best years in Buffalo. He has stated that he only wants to play this season if it is with the Bills. That is a strong statement, but it seems like he could always reverse course on that if another team were to show interest. His opportunities seem limited, and Pittsburgh could strike.

The veteran player is a strong safety by trade, but he has played snaps in the slot before. With his age, it could help extend his playing career. Hyde would also help lend terrific depth at the safety position beyond starting in the slot.

Chandon Sullivan

Another familiar face enters the fold as Chandon Sullivan remains a free agent.

He isn't going to wow you with his play, but he did well down the stretch last season for the Steelers. With Sutton out, it seems like if Pittsburgh adds someone, it will be a player they are familiar with to a certain degree. Sullivan has a ton of experience in the slot. He might not be the best quality player out there, but he is dependable enough for eight weeks.

Justin Simmons

Get back on the Justin Simmons to Pittsburgh hype train, everyone.

The Steelers have some money to spend, and Simmons is still looking for a job. Most see him as a safety, but he has played a good chunk of snaps in the slot before.

He could be a younger version of what the Steelers asked of Peterson last year.

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