4 outdated Steelers philosophies that no longer mesh with today's NFL

The Steelers need to scrap these four outdated team philosophies and get with the times.

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4. Relying on the rushing attack as the main source of offense

The Steelers' running game has been as good as it has in years. Now that the offensive line finally meshed, Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris have become a solid force in the backfield. However, a great running game is nothing without a competent passing attack, and the Steelers can't use the ground as their main source of offense.

In Week 11 of the 2023 season against the Cleveland Browns, for example, Warren ran for 129 yards on a whopping 14.3 yards per attempt. However, his dominance on the ground led to just 10 total points for the Steelers offense -- and that was with a 74-yard touchdown scamper.

We have seen multiple games over the past two years where Pittsburgh has run the ball extremely well but hasn't been able to put points up on the board. The rushing attack is obviously great for wearing down defenses and chewing up the clock, but if it's not increasing the upside of the team, the Steelers can no longer rely on it as their main source of offense.

Today's NFL is showing us just how much more important the passing game is than the rushing game. This doesn't mean that running the football isn't important, but without a competent passing attack that can convert in the red zone, the running game won't equate to points on the ground. It goes against what they've always known, but the Steelers need to build around their passing offense, not their rushing attack.

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