4 pivotal questions Steelers need to answer in Week 4 vs. Texans

Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker T.J. Watt (90)
Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker T.J. Watt (90) / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Can the Steelers run defense stop the Texans?

Despite his fast rise as a rookie, Dameon Pierce has been lackluster this year for the Texans so far. His powerful running style made him a threat against lightboxes. That said, with teams now aware of his style, the stacked boxes aren’t helping his cause.

The Steelers run defense was supposed to be good, but has been one of the worst-performing units in the league this year. While they got things back on track somewhat against the Raiders, they still sit at the league bottom in terms of average yards given up in the run game.

I don’t want the Steelers to just limit the Texans running game. I want them to shut them out. It isn’t like Houston boasts a great offensive line right now, and there should be plenty of film on Pierce to prepare this defense. Taking him out of the game will be a huge boost to the team this week.

Shutting out the run game means the Texans offense will have to move through the passing game. While they have had their moments there, the clearest path to victory involves the passing offense being the only threat. Stopping Pierce and the Houston rushing attack will be key for the outcome of this game.