4 burning questions Steelers desperately need to answer in Week 5 vs. Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers, Kenny Pickett
Pittsburgh Steelers, Kenny Pickett / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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The Steelers are coming off one of the worst losses in recent memory. While getting blown out in week one was tough, the 49ers are among the best teams in the league. Not acceptable, but understandable. The Texans doing the same thing was pathetic and a huge blow for this team. Things don’t get easier for this team as they take on their divisional rivals this week.

The Ravens are hot off a huge win over the Browns, and they appear to be one of the better put-together teams in the league right now. That said, these games are typically close ones, and while the Steelers look like a mess right now, this seems like a prime time for a rebound. If that is to happen though, Pittsburgh will have to answer these four critical questions.

Can the Steelers play Joey Porter more?

The Steelers secondary has taken a lot of criticism this year, and rightfully so. Despite a multi-interception game against the Raiders, Levi Wallace and Patrick Peterson have both been liabilities for this defense. While the sample size hasn’t been huge, Joey Porter has easily looked like the best cornerback on this roster.

Despite that fact, and the fact he was with the first pick of the second round, Pittsburgh is keeping him on the bench. The Ravens have a talented receiver room, and while that may be daunting for the rookie, he has earned more playing time. The Steelers need to get him on the field more, as he has been sound in coverage so far this season.