4 players I would hate for the Steelers to draft at pick 20 tonight

Oregon Ducks offensive lineman Jackson Powers-Johnson (58)
Oregon Ducks offensive lineman Jackson Powers-Johnson (58) / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft kicks off soon, and before we get into the first round, I wanted to take one last look at the Steelers potential first-round picks and highlight the names that I am against the team taking. This team has a clear trend when they target a player in the first round, and there are a handful of players that I think would be a mistake to take at pick 20.

I’ll be using my top 100 player board for the Steelers to identify the names that make sense in the first round. I have updated that list since it was published (trimmed the total players down to 90 and added two first-round options in Tyler Guyton and Cooper DeJean). Of that list of twelve names, I have four players that I don’t want them to take at pick 20.

Steelers shouldn’t take Adonai Mitchell

On the surface, adding a receiver in the first round makes a lot of sense. It is an immense need for the team and Adonai Mitchell is a really talented prospect. The problem is that the receiver draft class is deep this year, and there should be some quality options on day two. While they won’t be as dynamic of a prospect as Mitchell, they can still get a capable starter.

I’m also cautious about Mitchell’s character concerns, as there are a lot of reports about him being immature. With George Pickens also providing those immaturity concerns, it would be risky to have both of them in the same room. There are other receiver options in this class, so the first-round pick should be used on a different position.

Steelers shouldn’t take Nate Wiggins

I’m not overly keen on taking a cornerback with this first pick this year. With so many other needs and cornerback having a bandaid in Donte Jackson right now, taking one at 20 seems rich to me. I could be convinced if that cornerback is Terrion Arnold, and I could live with Kool-Aid McKinstry, but Nate Wiggins isn’t my guy for this team.

While an impressive athlete, Wiggins is on the smaller side for a cornerback. There isn’t a great track record of extremely light cornerbacks thriving in the NFL. Wiggins weighed in in the low 170s, and even if he bulks up a little, he will still have weight concerns. His length was also really bad.

Add in the lack of great tackling on his tape and Wiggins seems like a player that will need a specific scheme to thrive. Add in the lack of a pressing need for this team right now and Wiggins doesn’t feel like the best choice for this team.

Steelers shouldn’t take Troy Fautanu

Of all the names on this list, Troy Fautanu is my favorite prospect. I think he can carve out a really good career in the NFL, as he has impressive tape and was dominant as an athlete. The issue with him is his height, as he is under 6’4 which is a tough sell for him staying at tackle.

Frankly, I think Fautanu would be a fantastic guard. Even if he could stick at tackle, I think he has the potential to be an elite interior player. The Steelers don’t have a need at guard, and while moving him to center could be fun, he has zero experience there which is a concern. If Pittsburgh takes him, it is likely as a tackle, and that is like fitting a square peg into a round hole.

Steelers shouldn’t take Jackson Powers-Johnson

I was one of the first to come out and say that I expected Jackson Powers-Johnson to fall. While there is still a contingent of fans that think he has to be the pick in the first, centers almost always fall, and I think Powers-Johnson will end up going somewhere on day two.

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To be clear, I don’t hate Powers-Johnson as a player. I had him going to the Steelers in my final mock draft. The issue comes down to value, and unless the team moves back, I don’t think you can justify Powers-Johnson at pick 20. If you can get him later, by all means, but staying put at 20 means you should look elsewhere with this pick.