4 positional players the Steelers can upgrade in the draft

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Calvin Austin III
Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Calvin Austin III / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers need a more definite slot receiver

While I liked the Calvin Austin pick a year ago, and I do think he can carve out a career in the NFL, simply banking on him being the third receiver and primary slot receiver in 2023 is a mistake. Austin played zero snaps as a rookie, and that includes the preseason. A foot injury caused him to miss his entire rookie campaign.

While he has still been practicing, he needs to be treated as a rookie right now. Expecting him to come in and play the majority of snaps right away is foolish. He was a fourth-round pick for a reason, so there will likely be a learning curve. Even if he becomes the slot receiver right out of the gate, a capable fourth receiver is still needed in a modern NFL.

I fully expect the Steelers to use an early pick on a receiver, and likely someone that can play in the slot. This gives them flexibility, as Austin can line up at multiple spots for the offense and the rookie can man the slot in those instances. I really wanted to see a veteran get brought into the mix, but regardless this team needs to get deeper at receiver.