4 sneaky trades the Steelers could pull off during the 2023 NFL Draft

Steelers, NFL Draft
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3. Steelers could trade up to pick 11 for OT Broderick Jones

The other offensive tackle who has been repeatedly linked to the Steelers is Georgia OT, Broderick Jones. Thanks to his outstanding athletic traits, Jones has a remarkably high upside at the next level despite just one full year of starting experience in the SEC.

Jones isn't projected to go quite as high as Paris Johnson, but the Steelers won't be able to afford to wait too long to move up if this is the player they have their sights set on. ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay confirmed that Pittsburgh has talked to the Titans about moving up to pick 11.

Now that the Jets have officially traded for quarterback Aaron Rodgers, New York is no longer a threat to nab Broderick Jones, as they were forced to swap first-round picks in the process. However, there are plenty of other OT-needy teams who could bite on the high-end talent from pick 12 to pick 16.

For this reason, a trade-up to pick 11 might still be necessary. This would likely cost Pittsburgh picks 17 and 49 overall. If they feel that offensive tackle is the ultimate goal and they think there is a big talent drop-off, they could pull the trigger on a trade here.