4 Steelers draft picks with the biggest chip on their shoulder

Steelers, Cory Trice Jr.
Steelers, Cory Trice Jr. / Nikos Frazier / Journal & Courier
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2. TE Darnell Washington

I can't imagine the frustration Darnell Washington must have been feeling during the 2023 NFL Draft. In the month leading up to the drafts, there were talks that Washington could go as early as the back half of the first round. Instead of being picked in the 20s, Washington plummeted down draft boards until the Pittsburgh Steelers were somehow able to scoop him up with the 93rd overall pick in the draft.

This seemed completely unreasonable at the time, and reports surfaced that multiple teams had Washington off their draft board entirely due to medical red flags. These medical concerns were regarding Washington's knees, as reports suggest that knee swelling scared some teams away.

It seems like the injury concerns would have to run much deeper for teams to ignore a remarkably freakish tight end prospect like Washington. At 6'7'' and 270 pounds, Washington instantly becomes one of the biggest skill players in the NFL. Not only that, but he somehow tested as a 98th-percentile athlete, according to his Relative Athletic Score.

Washington is already an outstanding blocker thanks to his size and rare strength. If develops as a receiver, he could be one of the steals of the draft. The mammoth tight end played in all 15 games last season, and he is going to be on a mission to prove teams wrong early in his Steelers career.