4 Steelers draft prospects who could scratch the Jordan Addison itch

Steelers, Charlie Jones
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3. Steelers could target WR Tyler Scott

Another receiver who is comparable to Jordan Addison from a size and play style standpoint is Cincinnati's, Tyler Scott. Though Scott's frame is a bit more compact (5'9 5/8'' and 177 pounds), he actually has slightly longer arms and bigger hands than the former Pitt and USC receiver.

Scott isn't the same route-runner as Addison, but he's more explosive after the catch with enough wiggle and plenty of speed to blow by defenders. If the plan would be to play Addison in the slot most of the time, then taking a player like Scott would make a lot more sense.

The difference between the two players isn't worth two or three rounds in the draft. Yes, Addison has a higher floor, but his ceiling is also pretty capped as he really doesn't have a niche in his game. Whereas Scott could prove to be a much more dynamic player with the ball in his hands -- as evidenced by his impressive 16.5 career yards per reception at Cincinnati.

What's interesting is that Scott and Addison had nearly exactly the same per-game production when it comes to receptions, yards, and touchdowns last season. The difference is one was doing that with future first-round QB Caleb Williams and the other was making plays on an offense with far less overall talent.