4 Steelers players who could be traded during the 2023 NFL Draft

Pittsburgh Steelers center Mason Cole (61)
Pittsburgh Steelers center Mason Cole (61) / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Steelers could conditionally trade Mason Cole

Let me put on my detective hat for just a minute and try to track the moves the Steelers have made this offseason. They signed two interior linemen, one to start and one that could play center in a pinch if need be. They have also been heavily scouting some of the top center prospects in the draft, players expected to be drafted somewhere on day two and contribute early.

If the team invests in a center that early, and with Nate Herbig being a capable backup, could the Steelers try and flip Mason Cole? While not an elite player by any means, Cole did provide the team with consistent play at a position that lacked it without him. That said, he isn’t going to be the long-term center for this team.

If a significant investment is made, the Steelers may opt to move on from the veteran if the rookie can play. Cole has value for a team that needs an instant starter at center, as he would be a safe fill-in. There isn’t a great reason to keep him if the rookie can start early.

Of all the names on this list, Cole is the least likely to get dealt, as it is first contingent on the team taking a center-capable player early in the draft. Even if they do, they may keep Cole through camp in case of injury or rookie struggles. If a heavy investment is used on a center though, the team would be smart to at least shop Cole.