4 takeaways from Steelers deplorable performance vs. Texans

After what we just witnessed, it's time for some major changes.
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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3. Levi Wallace must be benched immediately

I know that interceptions are valuable, and Levi Wallace snagged a pair of them last week on Sunday Night Football against the Las Vegas Raiders. However, Wallace's quality ball skills can't seem to overcome his overall abysmal coverage ability.

Once again, Wallace proved to be the big weak link in Pittsburgh's secondary. His inability to stay in the hip pocket of the opposing receivers made you want to pull your hair out. Wallace made C.J. Stroud's job look easy against Pittsburgh.

Once again, Joey Porter Jr. was hardly targeted when he did see the field in sub-package defenses. He's clearly the better player in coverage and needs to be given an opportunity with the starters.

Wallace obviously wasn't alone when it came to deplorable play against the Texans in Week 4. However, his coverage is just too poor to leave him on the field. He has been the biggest weakness on the Steelers defense through the first four games of the season.