4 takeaways from Steelers deplorable performance vs. Texans

After what we just witnessed, it's time for some major changes.
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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2. Kenny Pickett's knee injury could spell disaster for Steelers

I know that Kenny Pickett was not playing well prior to sustaining a knee injury in the third quarter of the Texans game. Heck, the second-year quarterback really hasn't played well all season outside of a few nice throws against the Raiders last week.

Having said that, this knee injury could prove to be the worst-case scenario for the Pittsburgh Steelers this year. With four starts this season, Pickett has now started an equivalent of one full season in the NFL, dating back to his rookie season last year.

Here's the problem: Despite his poor play, we still haven't seen enough of Kenny Pickett to make a determination of whether or not he could be the franchise QB. We also have yet to see Pickett with a competent offensive coordinator.

We know who Mitch Trubisky is at this point, and he's not the future of this team. Pickett might not be either. But it's hard to figure things out when he's watching from the sidelines.

The hope is that Pickett's injury isn't too serious and that he can get back on the field soon. The Steelers can't waste time. If Pickett isn't the guy, they need to start the QB hunt all over again next offseason. We just need to know one way or the other.