4 takeaways from Steelers deplorable performance vs. Texans

After what we just witnessed, it's time for some major changes.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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1. Matt Canada needs to be fired today

If you have a logical defense as to why Matt Canada should remain as the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I would love to hear it. The Steelers just put up 6 total points against the Houston Texans defense in Week 4, and it was the same old story with his offense.

Canada once again tipped his hat as to when he was running the ball. When he did pass, the upside of each play was limited as Canada stuck to his routine speed rollouts and comebacks. The Steelers have now averaged just 12.0 points per game a month into the 2023 season.

Everyone questioned why Matt Canada returned for a third season as offensive coordinator, and it's very clear that Mike Tomlin made the wrong decision keeping him around for another year. At this point, he may have already ruined Kenny Pickett's career (if he ever had a chance to begin with).

We know that the rest of the team is struggling, but the Steelers are not as untalented as their dismal offensive performances would suggest. It's time to send Canada packing... and I don't even care what the alternative option is at this point. I'm done with him.