4 teams that could steal top prospects from Steelers on Day 2 of the NFL Draft

The Steelers could miss out on some of their top targets on day two of the NFL Draft because of the following teams.
Michigan v Michigan State
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We are still a little under a month away from the NFL Draft starting. The Steelers have plenty of needs on their roster currently, but they will try and use their extra pick on day two to improve their team. It won't be easy as each team participating in the draft will try and get their club better. There are plenty of picks before Pittsburgh's that could backfire on them.

Pre-draft interest has been obvious with a couple of prospects regarding the Steelers. They will likely target a center, receiver, and potentially a slot cornerback on day two. It will depend on how their draft board falls. Some teams with similar needs could always find ways of taking some of the prized prospects that the black and gold have expressed interest in.

The Seahawks could take Mike Sainristil in the third round

Pittsburgh has not been shy with the interest they have shown in Mike Sainristil and other Michigan Wolverines coming out of the NFL Draft. He is a perfect slot cornerback for their defense, and Pittsburgh will try to select him in the third round. There are a couple of teams selecting before both of their selections that could pose a threat.

There has not been overwhelming pre-draft interest in Sainristil thus far, but Seattle has talked to him. He would be a quality fit with the Seahawks as they look to bolster their defense. They pick before the Steelers do in the third round and it could spell disaster. If Seattle likes Sainristil enough, then he could be off the board by the Steeler's first third-round selection.

Zach Frazier could be stolen from the Steelers by the Chicago Bears

Circle Zach Frazier's name on day two of the draft, especially if the black and gold neglect the position in the first round. They need a starting center on the roster in the worst way. It is reaching desperate levels. One would have to imagine if both Graham Barton and Jackson Powers-Johnson are first-round picks, then Frazier will hear his name called early in the second round.

That could force the Steelers to trade up. Speaking of trades, the Bears could show interest in Frazier. They don't own a second-round pick right now, but that could change quickly. If they wish to move down from the ninth overall pick, they could easily land a second-round choice before the Steelers select. That could get them an instant upgrade with Frazier and leave the black and gold with little answers.

The Bills could pick Roman Wilson before Pittsburgh has a shot at him

Stefon Diggs was just traded to the Houston Texans as this already hyperactive offseason keeps rolling on. With that shocking news and the fact that Gabe Davis left earlier in free agency, drafting at the position will be paramount for Buffalo. There are a ton of talented receivers in the NFL Draft, but the Steelers seem to be zeroed in on a couple of options.

One of those choices could be Roman Wilson sometime on day two of the draft. We know that the Bills have shown a lot of interest in the receivers coming out of college. One of those shown interest by Buffalo has been Wilson. If the Steelers pass on him in the second, then Buffalo could select him with their late selection in that round.

Maason Smith could be taken by a division rival in the upcoming NFL Draft

Maason Smith just finished a pre-draft visit at the Steelers facility. We know that the black and gold have serious interest in the defensive lineman as a potential day-two pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. He has some serious talent that could develop into a quality starter. Don't discount the fact that the Bengals have also shown a good amount of interest in the player.

Losing a prospect to another team is always tough, but having a division rival take them makes matters worse. If you missed taking him and he excels within the division, then it only multiplies the problem. The Steelers would love to take Smith in the third round, but Cincinnati could take him before the black and gold have another shot to select this player.

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