4 things that have Steelers fans grossly overreacting

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett (8) throws
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett (8) throws / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
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With the Steelers officially in the dead part of the offseason, there certainly isn’t a lack of excitement around the team. An eventful offseason and some promising early practices have left a lot of fans buzzing. It has also led to some fans overreacting to specific things about this team.

While people are missing football and naturally looking for any storyline to follow, the number of hot takes and overreactions is incredibly high right now. From specific players to early depth charts to positional groups as a whole, here are the four biggest overreactions that Steelers fans are buying into.

Steelers Overreaction #1: Cory Trice’s early results

Few would argue that the Steelers landed some excellent value in the form of Cory Trice in the seventh round of the draft. He has great physical traits and solid tape to back him, and talent wise he looked like an early day-three candidate. An extremely deep cornerback draft class and some injury concerns pushed him down the board.

Reports quickly surfaced that Trice popped during OTA’s, and suddenly fans are talking like he is going to establish himself as a starter right out of the gate. Look, I’m as excited as anyone with the potential in Trice, but he is still only a seventh-round pick, and a player with his traits should be looking good right now.

He hasn’t earned anything yet, and he is rightfully still working his way up the depth chart. Can he earn a role as a rookie? Sure, but he needs to prove that before it is given to him. If his solid play continues once the pads come on and his body holds up, then we can talk. Until then, Trice is still battling for a spot on the final roster and has a lot to prove.