4 unsettling truths Steelers fans can no longer ignore

We've seen what we need to see; It's finally time for Steelers fans to face these could hard truths.
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Jaylen Warren is better than Najee Harris

It's not a competition or anything, and both running backs have played well. But one thing that has been clear to see all season long is that Jaylen Warren is simply a better running back than Najee Harris. In fact, there might not be a trait in their game in which Najee holds the upper hand.

On film, Warren has significantly more speed and burst with outstanding contact balance and the ability to run through arm tackles without downshifting and losing speed. Warren is also a superior receiver as he routinely makes mincemeat out of defenders in the open field with the ball in his hands.

This doesn't mean that Najee has been bad. The former first-round pick is still having the best season of his three-year NFL career. So why does it matter? I think the biggest thing that bothers me is that I want fans to be able to separate the players we are seeing on film from their former draft status. If Warren was the big name that went to Alabama and was a first-round pick, would anyone believe that Harris is better?

The Steelers have one more year to decide which running back to give a second contract to, and paying both might be a bad decision financially. We already saw what James Conner went on to do in Arizona after Pittsburgh undervalued him. They can't make the same mistake with Jaylen Warren. He's the best running back on the team and the only one who deserves to stick around long-term.