4 worst case scenarios for Steelers in 2023 NFL Draft

Alabama defensive back Brian Branch
Alabama defensive back Brian Branch / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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3. The Steelers aren’t willing to move around

In the same breath, the Steelers shouldn’t be a stagnant team this year. No, they don’t have to be like the Vikings last year who were seemingly trading every pick, but they need to be more active in securing the players they want or adding assets in trade backs when the opportunity arises.

If a name they want is sitting there at pick 17, great, take them and think nothing of it. If they notice their top names beginning to go, offer a small trade-up to ensure that you are securing at least one of the names that you really want. There will be other opportunities to add those mid-round picks back later.

Just as well, if a trade-up isn’t feasible and your top names are off the board, move back. Gain a few extra picks and look at the second tier of players on your board. That was something Kevin Colbert almost never did, as he was a firm believer in taking a player of interest even if that same player could have been had later.

While I’m not in favor of a huge move up, forcing yourself to be stagnant is also a mistake. The draft has become a game of chess, and teams need to be strategic about either landing their top names or acquiring more assets. This team has to be more willing to move once the draft begins.