5 AFC North free agents the Steelers should sign

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Steelers could add to the middle of their defense

Another name that the Steelers had some pre-draft interest in, Germaine Pratt was a productive college player before landing with the Bengals in the third round of the draft. While he became a starter early in his career, he was usually the second fiddle as a linebacker. He was never a liability, but his play rarely flashed.

That was until last season, as Pratt put together his most complete season. He played the most snaps since entering the league, improved his coverage, and nearly halved his missed tackles. This has led him to become one of the more underrated linebacker names on the free agent market. He may not command a mega-deal, but Pratt won’t come cheap.

The Steelers have a clear need at linebacker, and like Winovich, they have some dots that connect each other from the pre-draft process. It would be a more expensive move than any of the aforementioned ones on this list, but Pratt would be a big upgrade at the position. There are some questions with him though, so there is a risk with this signing.