5 bargain free agents Steelers should consider signing before the 2023 NFL Draft

Marcus Peters, Steelers
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Mason Rudolph could find his way back on the Steelers if the draft fails

What is going on with Mason Rudolph and any form of market that he could have? That question is still out there as no answers have been applied to this question about the experienced NFL backup quarterback. He was the third stringer for the Steelers this past season, and it seems likely that both parties still want to move on from each other.

The organization seems primed to either select a quarterback late in the draft or sign one during the undrafted free agency portion as it will be an attractive landing spot for some young quarterbacks. They can sit behind Kenny Pickett and Mitch Trubisky for a year before they will hopefully take over the reins as the primary backup in 2024.

If neither of those things happen or the quarterback situation is still unstable then it is possible that the black and gold look for a reunion with Rudolph. His market is scarce with him lasting this long into the offseason, but that could change if clubs do not address the signal caller position as they hope through the draft. It makes sense for the Steelers to want a reunion with Rudolph as we sit here today and it might be the best course of action for both sides, especially if the draft does not address this need.