5 biggest games Steelers fans must circle on the 2023 NFL schedule

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers / Gaelen Morse/GettyImages
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Week 18: Steelers at Ravens, Sunday, January 7th at TBD

It's almost unfair to include any of the AFC North matchups on this list. Any of those games could create a list of their own for toughest games on the schedule in 2023. Week 18 is now the last week of competition for the regular season of the NFL. The Steelers will be taking on the Baltimore Ravens to end the year.

Trying to gauge how the last three teams in the division will fall is going to be hard to figure out. The Cincinnati Bengals will be the top dogs of the division again. A battle will commence for the second spot in the division with hopes of squeaking into the playoffs in one of the last wild card spots remaining in the AFC. There could be a real possibility where this game is a 'win and you're in' scenario for either team.

Lamar Jackson is back for the Ravens, and some fans of the black and gold might be happy about that. Historically, Jackson has not been the best quarterback against the Steelers or in high tension moments throughout his career.

A winners take all moment where it all comes down to this rivalry game would be a tremendous theatre for the NFL. If that scenario becomes true, expect this game to become the Sunday night matchup for the entire nation to watch.