5 biggest surprises on the Steelers first depth chart release of training camp

Steelers, Steelers training camp
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Patrick Peterson is not listed at the slot corner position on the Steelers yet

The roster is massive right now as each club sits at their 90-man limit during this portion of the football year. Eventually, that will need to be cut down to the final 53-man roster after the final pre-season contest is played in a couple of weeks. There are still question marks that need to be answered across a few spots on the club.

Patrick Peterson was one of the prized free agent additions to the Steelers team via free agency this past offseason. He is coming off strong seasons during his time with the Minnesota Vikings. He is getting older, but he has become a steady veteran that is willing to make moves to stick around the league for the foreseeable future.

Peterson will get an opportunity to become the slot cornerback on defense for Pittsburgh. He could always fill other roles across the secondary too as the team tries to figure out the best ways to utilize the veteran moving forward. Training camp has shown the coaches trying their best to see which schematic plays work best for Peterson and those around him.

The first depth chart left Peterson off the Nickle back spot on the roster and kept him at the top cornerback spot. That would likely leave someone like Joey Porter Jr. out of a starting spot when the regular season rolls around. Peterson seems like he will end up at different spots in the secondary when it is all said and done.