5 centers the Steelers could target in free agency to anchor their offensive line

The Steelers could sign a top center in Free Agency to upgrade in the middle of the trenches

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Free Agency is about to go down. It will bring free agents to the open market with hopes of cashing in. Some will find lucrative contracts while others will struggle to find work at a new home. Pittsburgh still has to open up some extra spending cash at the time of writing this article. There is good news on that front. They have started to announce moves that open up extra money.

They have plenty of options to open up cap space to target different free agents. The Steelers are flexible right now and should have plenty of options to upgrade not only at center but other needs in free agency. It should be a fun couple of months leading up to the draft as the black and gold try their best to upgrade the team.

Brian Allen could be a buy-low option in Free Agency for the Steelers

One name that pops out when you look at the list of available free agents is Brian Allen. The veteran free agent has a lot of experience in the NFL and has proven to be an above-average starter when he can stay healthy. Many talked about Allen when he was a pending free agent with the Rams last time, but he ultimately signed an extension with LA.

Things are different this time around as Allen became a cap casualty for the Rams. He was consistently hurt over the past couple of years and has only finished a full season as a starter at center in one year since entering the NFL. That was during his 2021 campaign, which got him a contract extension. It could be a buy-low option for the Steelers.

Free agency brings some gambles to your roster in certain instances. Allen is someone who shouldn't command a high dollar value on his next contract. If he can remain healthy, then this might be a bargain deal. Allen has a ton of experience, but if Pittsburgh signs him, that doesn't rule out drafting a center high in the draft.