5 centers the Steelers could target in free agency to anchor their offensive line

The Steelers could sign a top center in Free Agency to upgrade in the middle of the trenches

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The Steelers remain one of the top landing spots for Aaron Brewer

People are pouncing on some of the potential upgrades at center in free agency. They list plenty of the big names that could be available, but fans should temper their expectations. We know the Steelers have expressed interest in some of the top names coming out of the draft. It seems unlikely that they will go out and sign someone that will command a big market.

One name that has been routinely connected to the Steelers well before free agency even starts is Aaron Brewer. The slight connection he and Arthur Smith have has been the leading factor. Smith was the offensive coordinator of the Titans during the start of Brewer's career. Many think that Smith might want to bring Brewer over to the Steelers because of it.

It makes a lot of sense on paper as Brewer is known for his run-blocking ability. Smith is an offensive mind who likes to lead his offense by running the ball. That then opens up the passing game via play-action and other methods. Brewer is someone who shouldn't cost too much as a starting option at center. He is still young and should have his best days of football ahead of him.

The biggest concern with this free agent will be his pass blocking. He is someone who can get out there and block for the running game, but his protection for his quarterback has been an issue. He allowed a good number of sacks this past season and is coming off his best year. He has also only started in back-to-back seasons before hitting free agency. If Brewer doesn't cost too much, then it makes sense for Pittsburgh to sign him.