5 centers the Steelers could target in free agency to anchor their offensive line

The Steelers could sign a top center in Free Agency to upgrade in the middle of the trenches

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Jon Feliciano is another veteran option for Pittsburgh this Offseason

Much like Glasgow earlier, the Steelers could investigate the versatile offensive linemen market. Free agency will be full of them, and some of them could come at a cheaper price tag than others. Signing a free agent that has significant starting center experience might be the best way to go, but the versatile guys could be reliable options as well.

Jon Feliciano is coming off a Super Bowl loss after starting for the San Francisco 49ers this past season. He played mostly at guard this past year, but he did start every game for the New York Giants at center the season before that. He is coming off his best year in the NFL as a starter and that could kick his market up a notch.

If a club is willing to sign him as a guard, then he could get out of the Steelers price range in a hurry. There might be a buyer beware sticker on him as his lone year of high production came with the 49ers, who had a great offense and one of the better offensive lines. Feliciano is a quality veteran, but he might be better used as a veteran piece that can start along a team's offensive line.

If the Steelers are willing to wait and see what his market is like, they could get him at a decent rate. The lack of consistent years in the NFL as a starter is concerning, and most of his starts being at guard don't help his case either. If the Steelers can get him for cheap, then it makes sense for Feliciano to sign with Pittsburgh.