5 cities that should host future NFL Drafts

2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7
2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7 / David Becker/GettyImages
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#4 Green Bay, Wisconsin

There is no personal like in suggesting Green Bay host an NFL draft. Nonetheless, you can not deny their role in NFL history. Perhaps next to Pittsburgh, this city has the most loyal, dedicated fans. It’s a city in which football is more of a religion than it is a game, and It is the only NFL team that technically is publicly owned by the city, preventing them from ever relocating.

Given their fans' extreme loyalty to the club, they should give them a chance to host an NFL draft considering Lambeau Field, an outdoor stadium, will never get to host a Superbowl. Especially given the NFL draft has become a widely watched television event.

Heck, it could be the first NFL draft, to begin with, a massive tailgate party in the parking lot of Lambeau Field for those not lucky enough to be able to attend the event in person. Though there will likely be a fair amount of that legendary Kansas City barbecue floating around at this year’s NFL draft that would give Green Bay a run for its money in the food department. However, Green Bay would corner the market with its cheese.  

If they had the chance to host the NFL Draft, there would be no shortage of people in bars, eyes glued to the television while shooting the Breeze about which teams will take which players or the travesty of the previous picks. Given that the Packers are one of the original NFL teams and are an integral part of NFL history, they should have the chance to host an NFL draft soon.