5 defensive draft prospects Steelers fans must watch during the Senior Bowl Game

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Michael Hall Jr. could help the Steelers resupply their trenches

Ohio State is a close powerhouse college program that the Steelers normally like to visit during their Pro Day. During Senior Bowl week, a couple of Ohio State guys could stand out and bring interest from the Steelers come draft day. One name to keep an eye on is Michael Hall Jr. as the defensive tackle tries to show some things during the event.

We know that Mike Tomlin has been watching the offensive and defensive lines closely this week. That should mean that the Steelers will be potentially investing in the trenches on both sides of the ball again early. Hall is just one option for Pittsburgh at the event, but the Junior coming out looks to have a high ceiling coming into the NFL.

You are not going to find quality numbers from Hall, but his potential is something that will intrigue NFL teams. Tomlin even monitored Hall closely during his sessions, which is something he hasn't singled out for anyone else yet. That doesn't mean Hall is a lock to be wearing the black and gold, but it means he is on their radar.

He has great leverage and motor that should allow him to be an every-down lineman. The biggest concern with him will be the lack of numbers he didn't produce at Ohio State, most notably as a pass rusher. Hall never logged a significant amount of snaps during his time with the program, which could also be the talent around him. Hall is an interesting prospect that will have to test well in the pre-draft process.