5 defensive standouts on the Steelers radar after the Senior Bowl

2023 Big 12 Championship - Oklahoma State v Texas
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Tykee Smith got a lot of interest from the Steelers at the Senior Bowl

One of the players spotted talking to Mike Tomlin during practice was Tykee Smith. He is an interesting prospect that brings flexibility to his game. It would be up to whichever team drafts him to figure out the best way to deploy him. Smith has played at plenty of spots throughout the secondary during his time in college.

Tomlin should have some familiarity with Smith as he started off his college career at West Virginia. He eventually transferred over to Georgia to become a Bulldog. That is where he took his game to the next level. That decision likely shoved his name into the day two prospect conversation more than if he remained at West Virginia. He is a talented player that can do a lot for your defense.

He played in the "star" position for both West Virginia and Georgia. That means that he was deployed all over the field based on what was called on defense. He lined up at safety, slot cornerback, and linebacker in different situations. That flexibility will only strengthen his draft stock moving forward. The Steelers would love to add someone like that to their roster.

Smith had a strong week down at the Senior Bowl and him communicating with Tomlin will surely strengthen his connection to the black and gold. His position flexibility will be something they have to entertain in the second round if he is still available. They wanted Patrick Peterson to have some position flexibility, but Smith is younger and could give you plenty of more options with the amount of experience he has doing it.